Certifications and courses

As a Digital Marketing Minor student, you will follow online marketing courses provided by Google which are designed to enhance your knowledge and grow your career. Each block requires at least one completed online course that will provide you with a certificate after completion. Both certificates are compulsory and a prerequisite to pass the individual assignment. 

All of the certificates and courses are aligned with the course content.

Compulsory certificates
Google Digital Garage Certificate

The Google Digital Garage course is the compulsory certificate for block 1. The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, with 26 different modules, will teach you the basics of digital marketing with different assignments and real-life examples.

Google Analytics for Beginners Certificate

The Google Analytics for Beginners course is the compulsory certificate for block 2. The course will guide you through the basics of Analytics with practice in the interface. It exists of 4 modules.

Additional certificates and courses

You are also strongly encouraged to obtain additional certificates such as Advanced Google Analytics or other credible certifications in digital marketing. You are entitled to receive a bonus point of 0.5 per block if you obtain one or more additional certificates.

(Digital) marketing certificates and courses
hubspot, mockup
Hubspot Academy - Social Media Marketing
hubspot, mockup
Hubspot Academy - SEO
hubspot, mockup
Hubspot Academy - Content Marketing
hubspot, mockup
Hubspot Academy - Email Marketing
Coding and data certificates and courses
codeacademy, certificate
CodeAcademy - Coding
sololearn, certification
Sololearn - Coding
Google Digital Garage - Basics of Coding
analytics, certificates
Google Analytics Academy
UX certificates and courses
Coursera - UX Design Fundamentals
Figma - Learn Design
Coursera - Visual Elements of User Interface Design
Gymnasium - UX Fundamentals
Website design certificates and tools
Coursera - Web Design for Everybody
Coursera - UX Design Professional
Career and personal development courses
Google Digital Garage - Build Confidence with Self-Promotion
Google Digital Garage - Effective Networking
Google Digital Garage - Business Communication
Google Digital Garage - Storytelling and Design
Other interesting certificates and courses
microsoft ads certificate
Microsoft Ads Certified Professional
khan certificate
Khan Academy - Coding
facebook business certificate
Facebook for Business
mimic pro mockup
Stukent Mimic Pro