Marketing jobs

Landing your first position is not an easy task. It requires dedication, consistency and clarity. We would like to help you with that by providing a list of Marketing positions related to expertise of our minor. Fill in the keyword, preferred location and seniority level and click search. Who knows, maybe the right opening is just waiting there for you!

Want to improve your resume and personal branding for Digital Marketing jobs? In the bottom of the page we listed some information you will find very useful.

Tips and tricks
for making a striking resume

Use available resume builders:

Canva, LinkedIn, Frontify

Adhere to structure:

1 page layout, essential information at the top, quality over quantity

Review resume examples for your industry:

Make it: simple and easy to read, brief, include numbers.

Be creative:

Sometimes a best resume is your personal website. Here you can find an extensive collection of examples of personal websites.

Essential guide on personal branding from our students

Our students are also very skilled lecturers. Throughout the minor we host a workshop every week on various topics related to Digital Marketing. We encourage you to use their presentation and infographic as a reference for your future professional endeavors. While the infographic is a perfect guide to just print and put on the wall, the presentation contains information for a deep dive into the topic of personal branding in the digital age.

Personal brand portfolio