Guest Speakers

With the focus on both strategic and practical approaches, the Digital Marketing Minor provides the students with an opportunity to meet with a number of guest speakers with years of experience in digital marketing. Every guest speakers is ready to inspire the students on a different topic in accordance with real-life and professional digital marketing advice. 

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Our guest lecturers

Abigail Egle Zilinskaite

SaaS Product Marketer

Abigail has a master’s degree and over 7 years of experience in Marketing. She has spent the last 3 years specialising in B2B SaaS and MarTech Product Marketing. Abigail loves figuring out how to position a product and working in cross-functional teams. Abigail proved  product marketing at its best is firstly listening, then making data-driven decisions, a dab of creativity, and constantly trying out new ideas.

Daniël Granja Baltazar

Growth Hacker at Ice Cream Media

Daniël is pursuing a master’s degree in Marketing Management at Tilburg University. Meanwhile, he is putting his knowledge of sales and marketing into practice at Vaqancies (in Amsterdam), where he work part-time as a Growth Hacker.

Bert van Loon

Co-Founder Content Marketing Fast Forward

Bert has 20+ years experience in (cross media) business communication and publishing: strategic development, business development, communication strategies, content marketing, concepts and campaigns.

Ingmar de Lange

Brand strategist / Merkstrateeg

Ingmar is an innovative brand strategist, passionately making brands better, more authentic and more effective. With more than 20 years of strategic experience and breakthrough thinking, he has become leader in building brands in the digital age.

Philip Jordanov

Cognitive Neuropsychologist at Neurofied

Students have described Philip’s lecture in neuropsychology as the most interesting 90 minutes of the entire minor. Currently, Philip is helping organisations apply insights from behavioural psychology and neuroscience to better their results and understand their clients from an unique perspective.

Jaime Infante Ferreira

Managing Partner at Lead Today

“With over 12 years of experience in different industries, I dare say that we have knowledge of marketing and sales within the B2B and non-profit sector. The work at Lead Today consists of exploiting marketing and sales opportunities in B2B and non-profit organisations to enable business growth.”


Eduard Blacquière

Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

Eduard Blacquière brilliantly introduced the digital marketing minor students into how digital marketing is used in organisations today. Additionally, he addressed the current and future technological trends.

Steven Westerkamp

Senior Partner Solution Engineer at Dell

Steven discussed and hosted a thought provoking lecture around the question:
“How does the digital transformation affect doing business?”

Meike Weverink

Freelance Marketing Professional

Ms. Weverink organised an inspiring lecture and shared fascinating stories about the key concepts and ideas behind successful product innovation.

Jasper den Hoedt

Digital Marketing Trainee at DesignPro

Jasper’s lecture on website content will answer all your questions on how to successfully structure, create and optimise high-performance web content.

Gerda Van Ballegooijen

Library Coordinator at RBS

Gerda’s informative lecture on how to find relevant, credible and informative sources and on how to evaluate them, proved to be extremely important for students.

Frans van der Reep

A Thought-Leader

Frans is well-known for his ability to recognise meaningless hype and identify whether solutions really fit the problem that they are marketed for. He talked about “the dark side of the Internet”.

Martijn Hertog

Marketing Automation Specialist at LeadToday

Martijn Hertog is a Marketing Automation specialist at Lead Today. During his lecture, Martijn spoke about marketing automation on a B2B level and revealed tips to get the most out of your platform.

Marcel Duits


Marcel informed the students about the impact of digital marketing on business, it’s key challenges, failures, success factors and the it has impact on companies from the perspective of an entrepreneur and growth accelerator.

Neli Zapryanova

Fashion Blogger at Defined Fashion

Neli spoke about her journey as a brand manager at Agents of Style and as a fashion blogger at Defined Fashion. She introduced the students to the concept of affiliate marketing.

Phuong Hoan Le

Lecturer and PhD Candidate in Media and Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam

This lecture was based on a series of sales workshops that Phuong has previously hosted at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The topic of organisational identification was inspired by her earlier research on social selling.

Camilla Borgmo

Digital Marketing Manager at Philips

Camilla shared her extensive knowledge and valuable experience on customer experience and customer engagement in today’s digital marketing world. 

Marieke van der Weiden

Trendwatcher I Keynote speaker and Executive Director at TRUUS

Marieke spoke about the principles and processes behind guerrilla marketing. She shared her experiences and knowledge on the subject, which proved to be a very insightful lecture.

Anna Stoiloudi

Social Media Manager at Philips

Anna shared her ongoing journey of social media marketing. Anna organised a creative and fun presentation full of real life example of social media campaigns.

Daniel Otten

SEO specialist at HelloPrint & DMM alumni

During his lecture, Daniel provided an intriguing perspective on what SEO is and all the ways it impacts an e-commerce business.

Margot van Brakel

Key-note speaker & Storyteller about the future and Communication strategist at Rabobank

Margot van Brakel has over 20 years of experience in communication and organisational change. In her lecture, she combined a philosophical vision with a practical approach to communication.

Jorian Damen

Online consultant at Growth Minded

Jorian led an informative lecture on how you can greatly influence the end result by conducting small experiments with data-driven marketing.

Ferdinand Koelewijn

Director at Growth Tribe

Ferdinand teaches that it’s not just about being faster and having better quality, it’s also about using lean methodologies to offer the right education to the right people at the right time.

Paul Versteeg

UX Lead at INFO

Paul challenges user-centred design with the dynamic variables of the web in his lecture. Getting a understanding of what the user actually wants is critical for making your design successful.

Picture of Gabrijel

Gabrijel Gavranović

Full Stack Developer & Enterpreneur at Gavro

Gabrijel can work with both the front-end and back-end aspects of websites which allows him to understand and teach business logic from a technical and practical standpoint. 

Adilio Soares Andrad

Digital marketing consultant (SEO)

Adilio consults companies to boost their SEO. He is a passionate marketeer who has a lot of experience to share.

Gijs Dellemijn

Brings Online Entrepreneurs More Profit & Impact Through Proven Ads & Funnels

“I founded during my studies and we help some of the biggest online entrepreneurs in The Netherlands grow through Facebook/Instagram ads and smart (customer-focused) funnels. I’m the creator of the Ice Cream Machine Method© (ICMM©) – an unique and proven advertising strategy that helps customers achieve more profit and impact on a consistent basis. By combining Data, Psychology and Creativity, my team and I are able to help online entrepreneurs realise more profit and impact.”

Justyna Ciecierska

Growth Marketeer at RockBoost - The Dutch Growth Hacking Agency

Justyna is a Growth Marketeer by passion and Strategic Manager by education. She has deep knowledge and hands-on experience in:
content marketing, SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, copywriting and business development.

Justas Petronis

Senior Product Manager at TransferGo Business

Justas is eager to share experience with UX design and product marketing to show what’s in store for personalised product experiences. He will argue that digital marketers must either help it happen, or step out of the way and let the future cannibalize their organisations.

Felix van Wissen

Influencer Marketing & Management at Scooperz Digital Agency

Felix can talk for hours about influencer marketing. Whether it’s sharing his own experience or giving advice to young professionals who are like minded about that dimension of marketing, he knows it all.

Estrella Spaans

Marketing Whiz & Data Adventurist

With a Master’s Degree in International Marketing and Business Analytics, Estrella is a freelancer working part-time at different companies in analytics, research, branding, and UX design. In her guest lecture, Estrella discussed the importance of data in marketing analytics and how data can be used to draw insights. Analytics and the ability to pinpoint useful information from data has truly proven that “data is the new oil”.

Anneloes Meijer

Online Marketing Trainee at Lead Today

Anneloes Meijer is an Online Marketeer with experience in both B2B and B2C marketing. During her guest lecture, Anneloes highlighted the differences between SEA and SEO as well as offering advice on search engine advertisements.

Marloes Cator

Online Marketing Specialist at Lead Today

“At Lead Today, we focus on the optimisation of the sales and marketing process of B2B and non-profit organisations with business growth as the main goal. I started at Lead Today with my traineeship, and I am currently working as Online Marketing Specialist. My expertise lies with SEA, SEO and social advertising. During the guest lecture I enjoyed sharing some insights about online marketing in practice by focusing on SEA and SEO.”

Babiche Tervoort

Head of Customer Experience & Marketing at Moneyou

Babiche is Head of Customer Experience and Marketing at one of the best financial providers in the Netherlands – Moneyou. Babiche leads an insightful guest lecture all about FinTech, customer experience and how the two overlap. Her true passion for users, UX design and technology has evolved over her 25 years of experience.

Lok Sam Foo

Digital Marketing Consultant (SEO) at Dept Agency

Lok Sam Foo is a Digital Marketing Consultant in the SEO department of Dept Agency. Lok Sam is excited to share his experience at Dept Agency where he has helped clients reinvent and accelerate their digital reality by creating experiences that people want and businesses need. His mastery in SEO allows him to host an exciting guest lecture full of knowledge and advice alongside real cases from his time at Dept Agency.

Jana van de Bos

Consultant at bynd GmbH

Jana is one of our own here at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Currently, she is balancing her final year of International Business & Languages alongside her consultancy position at bynd GmbH. If you have any inquiries about data privacy and how companies need to prepare for a cookieless future – it’s time to call Jana. Not only is her background in the matter extensive, her passion and excitement are apparent and inspiring. 

Jeroen de Ruijter

Experience Lead at User Intelligence

It’s hard to believe that a topic as intimidating as User Experience could be so interesting and surprisingly penetrable. When it comes to UX, Jeroen is able to make the complex clear and the clear compelling – something he firmly stands by. His experience in design creates an insightful and informative lecture that is centred around his knowledge and advice from the digital world. 

Michelle de Zeeuw

Online Marketer at Maatwerk Online

Michelle has plenty of tips, tricks and tools to share when it comes to SEA. After Michelle’s practical lecture which she hosted alongside her colleague and alumni Furkan Erodogan, our students felt ready to tackle Google Ads and FaceBook campaigns. Michelle is a creative at heart and has plenty to share on her customer-focused experiences from the digital world. 

Furkan Erdogan

Social Media Advertising Specialist at Maatwerk Online

After graduating from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and completing the Digital Marketing Minor in 2018, Furkan Erdogan – now a Social Media Advertising Specialist at Maatwerk Online – returned to his routes to host an interesting lecture alongside his colleague Michelle de Zeeuw. Furkan transferred his valuable knowledge on SEA, FaceBook campaigns and Google Ads into a practical and fun lecture.

Roderick Prince

Social Media Manager - \SOCIOBOKO at TBWA\NEBOKO

Roderick is a digital marketing professional with experience in content strategy, social media management, e-commerce and digital brand activations. Roderick guest lecture was full of inspiring and entertaining  campaigns that left us wanting more.