Get to know the teachers of the Digital Marketing Minor below!

These teachers are highly specialised and experienced in both traditional and digital marketing. They are ready to guide you through different marketing projects, prepare you for the graduation assignment, and also provide you with hands-on experience prior to your future career. 

Ms. Tanya Dimitrova

Chartered digital marketeer with great passion for digital marketing and developments in the field. I am inspired and love to teach students about the impact of digital on our lives and how to use digital to make a positive impact.I have been developing and coordinating digital marketing programs for the past 10 years rated as best practice and consulting many companies during this time. Favorite quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world”, Gandhi

Mr. Kostas Kaimakis

Former brand manager with a passion in making strategic decisions and in creating roadmaps to success. Currently exploring the practices of design thinking, of growth hacking and of digital marketing (Online consumer behavior, UX, Content strategy, Social media). I always get inspired by Greek philosophy and its links to today’s business. Favorite quote: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” by Aristotle.

Mr. Thomas Hamer

Look Across Borders…That’s what I do by nature. For inspiration, new ideas and digital opportunities for today’s challenges. I look across borders of profession, market and culture. Bringing people of various disciplines together to develop strategic and creative solutions. Thereby bridging borders between business, technology and design.

Mr. Andres Campo Vergara

My biggest motivation is inspiring people to become the best version of themselves. I am passionate about education and teaching students the tools we have available to change the world. I have been involved in the development of various technology initiatives, including the Rotterdam Blockchain Community, Tech Mondays, and Techstars Startup Weekend Rotterdam. I believe that through community and collaboration we can give technology the other face people are in need for, the face of change. 

Ms. Simone Diop

I’m an enthusiastic and driven business/personal coach, lecturer & International project manager, with an international upbringing and education. I’m an individual with an entrepreneurial mind that wishes to contribute to social, sustainable and innovative projects that empower individuals, communities and our (international) society as a whole. Motto; Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Mr. Eelco Zijl

After being part of the minor for 4 years I have been gaining a lot of digital knowledge. But still learning and enjoying every second with eager and talented students.

Mrs. Sabrina Blackmon

My name is Sabrina Blackmon and I’m new to the DMM team this year but I can already say that I’m right where I belong. Why am I teaching in the DM minor? I’m fascinated with communication and how it can affect someone’s feelings, mindset and behavior, such as someone’s  behavior to buy or sell something, to become aware and interested in something, etc. In the digital age, communication has been taken to the next level and now we can see what our communication does to an audience almost instantly. Brainstorming about new ways, helping people get started or grow their digital presence as well as staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments is more than a job to me, it’s a passion!

Mr. Zouhair Saddiki

As a researcher and analyst, I was always interested in the cross-fertilization between Digitalization and Economics. With business and governmental experiences from the field of policy and finance-economics I studied and examined several policy areas when it comes to these challenges (i.e. GDPR ruling etc.). I try to challenge students to specialize on the opportunities in the face of challenges to key questions on digital marketing. In other words, ”out-of-the-box”-thinking. My experiences with digital marketing extended from governmental institutions to political campaigns. Having several research skills and organizational experiences, I also try to learn new stuff on programming such as Python, SQL and Java.

Mr. Johan Fontijn

Nice to meet you. I teach economics and research. I did a course on digital marketing and supervised a digital marketing thesis project last year. There are plenty of opportunities in digital marketing so go for it!

Mr. Remko van der Pluijm

Interested in the interplay between social and creative marketing, (technological) innovation, storytelling and social change. Practice-oriented Researcher (Innovation, Business Ethics).

Ms. Gerda van Ballegooien

I am independent, entrepreneurial, with strong communication skills. An initiative-rich team player with a pragmatic and flexible approach. I would like to be challenged so that I can use the widest possible spectrum of my knowledge and skills.

Ms. Anastasia Lanting

I got my expertise in digital marketing while working in Philips global digital marketing team and running my own digital marketing agency with international clients. I love sharing my passion, knowledge and experience with students so they can get cutting edge online marketing skills. I am happy to be a part of our strong Digital Marketing Minor Team!