Four Marketing Tactics Changed by Marketing Automation

Just when you think you’re getting the hang of digital marketing, it turns out that everything you learned is no longer needed thanks to AI. Yet, as a society, we don’t necessarily agree with that. The thought that a machine can replace you is overwhelming, especially when understanding the actual tactics behind digital marketing just to compete amongst the humans is hard enough as it is..

Marketing Automation refers to getting a marketing activity done with software and Machine Learning while eliminating specific human-powered repetitive tasks. This blog will help you understand what to look out for with four marketing tactics currently being automated.

Tactic 1: Data Management

Humans that are responsible for collecting, analysing, reporting and responding to data as a digital marketing tactic are noble employees, but in today’s world, it is becoming obsolete. Humans know far less on what they are actually doing with data and where to find it compared to machine learning. For example, AI can automatically collect data from eye- tracking features which is far more impressive than coming back to your boss with the latest  Google Analytics results. Not to mention – Google Analytics reporting on the dashboard has just been automated!

Tactic 2: Scheduled Posts and Advertisements

Marketing automation offers great tools in automating e-mails, social media posts and Google Ads. A limited Marketing automation tool automates the delivery of these messages, all the while you just need to design the content and pick the date you want it published. When it comes to ads, you are responsible for selecting the sequence for action-triggered or time-triggered ads. The benefits to this practice is that you get to plan ahead and that you don’t need to look back for a while unless you are diligent enough to track performance and make adjustments. Mailchimp is a great example that is often used to automate e-mails.

Tactic 3: Cross-Channel Management

A more sophisticated use of marketing automation involves a higher involvement of artificial intelligence that further eliminates human touch. Some online marketing automation software, such as Adobe Marketing Cloud and Oracle Eloqua are powerful enough to integrate all platforms and to even manage cross-channel content, personalised ads and lead-funnel management. These platforms are actually approaching fully automated marketing but cost just as much as much as a hiring marketeer.

Tactic 4: Virtual Assistants Speak

Virtual assistants have the ability to cognitively solve a customers’ problem in a chat, re-order a package, close deals with other virtual assistants or organise marketing automation platforms to automate marketing for you. Next to that, VA’s still are simply a piece of code that speaks HTML and are able to create a functional interface for your company.

In spite of this new wave of marketing automation, humans will not become fully obsolete anytime soon. Human will remain on top of the strategy. They are in demand for creativity and to maintain the human vis-à-vis value that we all know and love.

In conclusion, there is a lot going on and our marketing performance will be adding less value than that of computers over time, which justifies this trend in it’s efficiency. As marketing automation does allow for more effectiveness and clears out dull tasks, it makes room for the modern learner. Read more about our minor, where marketing automation is one of the many current trends that we cover.