Course Content

The Digital Marketing Minor organised by Rotterdam Business School covers a wide range of topics and subjects within digital marketing.  Invest in your education, grow your skill set and gain experience by following practical and fun lectures, assignments and guest speakers. All of your assignments will be centred around the RACE framework provided by SmartInsights.

The following topics will be covered in block 1 and 2.


Block 1: 

  • Digital marketing fundamentals
  • Digital marketing planning (RACE, SOSTAC)
  • Digital audit and health check
  • Buyer personas
  • Online customer journeys and touch points
  • Content mapping
  • Search engine marketing (SEO & SEA)
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Viral marketing or word-of-mouth marketing
  • Content marketing 
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital marketing metrics & KPIs 


Block 2:

  • Google Analytics & other web tools
  • Marketing software/tools 
  • Growth hacking
  • Web design – back end, front end,
  • UX & UI Design
  • Digital Marketing Mix and OVP
  • Digital campaigns
  • Digital story telling
  • Online customer experience
  • Campaign planning and communications
  • Influencers marketing
  • Personal branding


    The Digital Marketing Minor revolves around three main assignments which are specifically designed to help students put marketing theories into practice. The Digital Marketing Plan, the Individual Assignment and the Workshop. As a student, you will get the opportunity to work individually and be part of a team. The knowledge-packed lectures and guest speakers will help you along the way.

    Digital Marketing Plan (DMP)
    A major part of this minor is the Digital Marketing Plan, where students will develop a digital marketing strategy for a company/organisation of their choice.  In teams of three, students will develop a DMP for a real company.  The objective of this project is to offer a justified advice and plan on how to improve the company’s current digital strategy, website, digital campaigns and overall digital health. Consultations will be provided by the lecturers on a weekly basis to guide the students and provide feedback throughout the whole project. This project stretches over block 1 and block 2. 

    Individual Assignment

    Every block, students can choose one preferred individual assignment. Below you can see the different options:

    • Website
      Students need to design and develop a website for a cause/topic of their choice. An online published website with relevant content needs to be created. 
    • Blog
      Students need to create a digital blog on a topic of their choice. The topic can range anywhere between a digital marketing subject to a personal hobby. 
    • Mimic Pro Simulation game
      Mimic Pro is an online learning course where students can explore different aspects of digital marketing in a simulated ‘real’ environment. With this simulation game, students will play for 10 rounds. Click here to read more about the Mimic Pro Simulation game. 
    • A task (limited place and must be assigned)
      These tasks are linked to the minor. Students will work on developing and improving a professional product for the minor.  Some examples: Work with a team to improve the digital marketing minor website, create a promotional video for the minor or run and monitor the minor’s various social media channels. 

    Every block you need to select a different assignment. 

    To pass the individual assignment, students need to obtain a digital marketing certificate and they must submit reflections on five guest lectures per block. In block 1 students need to obtain the Google Digital Garage certificate and in block 2 students need to obtain the Google Analytics Beginner certificate. Click here to read more about the certifications. 


    For this assignment, students will be part of a team. Each block, the team will host an interactive workshop to exchange knowledge with fellow students. The workshop must be related to the digital marketing topic of the week and it is encouraged to be as creative as possible.

    Note: full descriptions and instructions of the assignments will be provided in the course handbook, which will be sent in the first week of the minor.

    During the minor, students have the opportunity to attend two inspiring guest lectures per week. The guest lectures offer valuable insights, tips and tools from the professional digital world. All of our guest speakers are ready to inspire students. The topics are often linked to the assignments and course content. Students must attend a minimum of 5 guest lectures per block. 

    Click here to see the inspiring guest speakers of the Digital Marketing Minor.


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