About the Minor

Digital marketing is a dynamic and constantly evolving field. If you want to pursue a career in digital marketing and gain the necessary skills and experience then this course is for you. Learn more about the course content, the assignments, and certifications gained after completing the course.  If you have any questions, please contact us


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Course Overview

Living in the digital age, we are confronted every day with how to use the enormous variety of online tools to improve our digital strategies and reach successful results. Digital marketing helps us understand how to apply the digital technologies and media in order to reach our marketing objectives.

The Digital Marketing Minor is a specialisation minor, offered by the International Business and Management (IBM) programme within the Rotterdam Business School (RBS) unit. During the minor, you get the opportunity to focus on your own chosen individual company and assignments related to digital marketing, and to exchange your knowledge with your fellow students. 

All students who follow and successfully complete the Digital Marketing Minor receive 30 study credits. Each assignment has a maximum score of 10, of which the passing grade is 5.5. The specific assessment criteria depends on the particular assignment.

As the Digital Marketing Minor is a part of the IBM programme of Rotterdam Business School (RBS). The language of instructions is English.

Our minor is located at Posthumalaan 120 near the city centre of Rotterdam. It is highly accessible via public transportation: bus, tram and metro. Our university also provides bike and car parking spaces (parking is available, but paid).

For the exact address, please consult our contact page.

The Digital Marketing Minor is intended for 4th  year students of RBS, 3rd or 4th year students of partner universities and other economic/business management programmes of applied universities.

Specific requirements include the following:

 Completed Marketing and/or International Business Management courses within their applied university programme
 Completed first and second years of their studies

Students at Rotterdam Universities must have earned 168 ECTs, broken down as follows:

 First year study programme completion (60 credits)
 Second year study programme completion (60 credits)
 Placement completion (30 credits)
 At least 18 credits earned during semester 

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