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How To Build Your Own Portfolio Website?

  • How to create your own Portfolio Website?
  • What are some essential UX principles for your website?
  • What CSM platforms can you use to build your Portfolio Website?
  • What is SEO, in simpler words?
  • How to develop an SEO strategy for your company?
  • An SEO checklist of steps to get started with it;
  • Tips & tricks to make SEO work for you and your company.
  • What are their free features and how to access them?
  • How to interpret the data? 
  • Which one could be most helpful when developing the Digital Marketing Plan?

  • How are pillar pages and topic clusters connected with SEO and content marketing?
  • What are pillar pages and topic clusters?
  • How are pillar pages and topic clusters structured?
  • How to develop pillar pages and topic clusters?
  • What is the Keller’s Brand Equity Model and how to apply it?
  • What is the Brand Key Model and how to apply it?
  • Which of the two branding frameworks you can best apply for your Digital Marketing Plan?
  • What is customer journey mapping and why is it important?
  • What are fundamental customer journey frameworks?
  • What elements does the customer journey focus on?
  • What are the tools that can be used to visually represent your company’s customer journey?

Whether you’re putting together your first draft of the DMP or you’ve just landed your first job in the digital marketing world, it’s become clear that understanding your company’s customers is arguably the most important factor to success. However, taking on this responsibility can be quite daunting. It’s hard to figure out where to start and when to stop. A great first step – and one that is commonly used in the business world – is to draft buyer personas.

According to 2019 Digital Reports, “The estimated global population stands at 7.676 billion people. Out of these 7.676 billion people, about 57% of them have access to the Internet. This means that there are 4.388 billion people in the entire world that have access to the Internet.” In short, we can conclude that the era of digitalization has finally arrived. Imagine the number of people you will be able to target once you take your business online.  

When redesigning the digital marketing strategy for your business, it can be tricky to assign yourself a starting point and to stick with a coherent structure. Choosing a framework that conveys all you need from a relevant focus until detailed market segmentation and content marketing inherently keeps you on trace. We’ll go over how the RACE digital marketing framework repeatedly proves us a successful tool to improve your marketing plan.

Key Performance indicators are invaluable to Digital Business. One of the main advantages of selling online is that almost everything is possible to be traced. Whether you want to report that you are making sales from a landing page from a Mailchimp campaign, or try to have a grasp of the quality of the content on a page; Google Analytics holds no secrets for you. We will give three examples of insightful KPIs to choose, and explain what they mean.

AI, or, Artificial Intelligence is changing the market. This pertains to many other professions too. Unlike the book Life 3.0 that explains how AI will change the world, we will cover three ways Artificial Intelligence can – and will – change our content marketing strategies.

Campaigns always include a message or offering that is new, and requires creativity. Yet, campaigns don’t pay off without defining and describing the right elements of which they consist. Smart Insights has a hands-on template ready for marketeers to create a campaign from scratch. The template aims to provide feasibility and integration of the six elements a campaign should have. Nonetheless, campaigns are less effective without being a part of a Digital Marketing strategy wherein all elements have a clear foundation. Let’s plunge into each of these steps. 

Just when you are getting the hang of digital marketing, it’s revealed to you that it won’t be necessary anymore thanks to AI. Yet, we don’t actually agree with that. Letting machines work for you is a thing, but another to understand the actual tactics of digital marketing to stay amongst the humans on top of it. Marketing Automation refers to getting a marketing activity done with software and Machine Learning. These eliminate specific human-powered repetitive tasks. We will help you understand what to look out for with four marketing tactics currently being automated.